Salford Ceremonial Mayor’s Chosen Charity

The Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor Ronnie Wilson has chosen to support Salford By The Sea as one of his chosen charities.

The 3 chosen charities are - 

Salford by the Sea

Salford Birth Centre

Singing with Dementia

Latest Fundraising Events

Joe Murphy Memorial

On the 22nd of April 2018, along with his family, a plaque in memory of Councillor Joe Murphy who was also the Mayor of Salford from 1991-1992 was unveiled down at camp. Joe was a lifelong supporter of the children’s camp and holds the record for funds raised for our camp by any individual. Joe’s family have been very supportive of our camp since Joe passed away and donated some of the collection money from Joe’s funeral to ourselves and also gave another donation after the plaque was unveiled for which we thank them and we would also like to thank Joe for his lifelong support for which we will be eternally grateful.

The plaque is situated within our games pavilion which is the oldest building onsite.


Sadly Mrs Murphy has recently passed away and everyone at Salford by the sea (Salford Children’s Holiday Camp) send our heartfelt sympathy to all the family.

Again the family had a collection and £309 was raised for the Salford Children’s Holiday Camp.

The Murphy family will be holding a table top sale with all proceeds going to the Children’s Camp on the 29th September 10am – 12pm

Swinton Royal British Legion

M27 4UQ

A massive thank you to the Murphy family for their continued support, its very much appreciated.