Improvements at Camp for the new season

This year we have invested in some new facilities which we hope will be appreciated by our visitors. We now have guest Wi-Fi available – feedback from last year told us that this would be much appreciated by party leaders and parents as part of their holiday experience. A selection of Salford Children’s Holiday Camp merchandising will be available very soon including wrist bands, money boxes, sports bags, pens and of course – buckets and spades. Great to take home a souvenir of a super holiday at Camp. Thanks to Eddie Lewis of ECL Plastics and Paul Blain for their support getting this ready. A new dishwasher is to be installed shortly, as the old one was starting to let us down and a smart new floor has been laid in the play barn. These have been purchased with funding from the Cotton Industry War Memorial Trust. A full programme of electrical works has been completed. Thanks to the Booth Charity for funding this. Beautiful red blinds have been put up in the Community room to add a splash of colour. Great for our Community Café visitors on Wednesday afternoons 1-3pm . All welcome. Thanks to all of our funders and supporters for the chance to develop and improve the facilities for the benefit of the children of Salford and our local community in Prestatyn.